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The Center For Innovation Commercialization LLC, "CICL" was founded to accelerate the commercialization of innovation.


CICL provides innovation commercialization services to Fortune 500 Companies, global integrators, resellers, and telecoms through identifying new targeted cutting-edge capabilities that can enhance their products and increase revenues without penalizing earnings to fund innovation development costs. 


CICL also represents hundreds of innovative companies seeking to grow faster or expand into the United States and internationally. By doing so, CICL has become a large Innovation Bank of cutting-edge innovative solutions for commercialization that is constantly being freshened and up-to-date.


CICL success derives from the CICL team and its global alliance partners' unique and extensive skill sets, deep experience in building successful and globally competitive companies, and their strong network of relationships in the US and internationally.  




Connecting Innovation Companies with Channel Partners & Companies/End Users for Global Distribution  




Startups and post-startup commercialized companies seeking to accelerate market entry and growth


  • CICL helps US and international innovative start-up companies with differentiated capabilities access specifically targeted prospective strategic partners, integrators, global telecoms, and end-user customers. 


  • CICL helps them to better enter and penetrate the US and international markets, efficiently, strategically, quicker and at a much lower cost than hiring full-time employees. 


  • CICL’s team increasingly acts as our client’s initial business development relationship creating US market proof of concepts, and product validation, as well as lining up reseller channels, increasing market awareness and building a stronger foundation for future sales.


  • For post-start-up Companies, CICL work with their sales and marketing teams in identifying and introducing them to new relationships in existing as well as new industry verticals. 


  • While most of CICL’s activities are focused on helping our clients grow as an external channel, some of our clients utilize CICL team and/or advisory board members as an advisor inside their organization focusing on strategy and execution.







Fortune 500 Companies, global integrators, resellers, and telecoms looking for innovative capabilities to help them stay relevant, faster, without having to spend large amounts on R&D


  • CICL provides innovation as a service to a growing number of Fortune 500 Companies.  Our senior team speaks with approximately 5 Fortune 500 Companies, OEM’s global integrators and telecoms every day and through these discussions learn about company challenges, priorities, large future unmet needs.  


  • CICL also works with a growing number of global companies in helping them create strategic partnerships with other large companies geared towards helping them better access new markets with stronger combined product capabilities, de-risking through sharing research and development, and accessing innovative capabilities faster. 


  • For integrators, we identify and introduce cutting-edge capabilities that can complement their existing solution offerings helping them increase their revenues and margins per customer.


  • CICL also advises a growing number of companies with its strategies based upon its study of rapidly changing technologies, knowing where technology trends are going and understanding large unmet needs.  CICL helps its clients better solve problems by thinking at the 30,000 foot level as well as at the ground level and using innovative capabilities to drive improving results.





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