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The CICL management team, advisory team, and alliance partners can access many hundreds of US and international relationships, who collectively generate trillions of dollars in sales, which is one of the main competitive advantages of CICL.






CICL global network origination partners constantly screen thousands of privately owned and publicly traded companies for truly innovative solutions that satisfy large unmet needs across all industry verticals. 


They not only provide CICL with a constant stream of cutting-edge solutions, but they can “on-demand” scout for specifically targeted solutions requested by the Fortune 500, Telecoms and/or resellers engaged with CICL.


CICL uses the below criteria to evaluate Company's solutions prior to engage them as CICL clients: 


  • Innovative - Company has to have an innovative/disruptive solution with a significant competitive advantage.


  • In the Market - Solution has to be ready or already in the market with customers that are willing to serve as a reference.


  • Sustainable- Company has to have enough capital to execute its business plan.


  • Management  - Management has demonstrated the ability to successfully commercialize the current company solutions or where they were in a leadership role at their prior companies and built the company to be a successful competitor.


  • Scalable - Company is capable to scale in order to supply product and support to the distribution channel


As a result, CICL is able to carefully curate and maintain a fresh portfolio of hundreds of cutting-edge innovative solutions in a variety of industry verticals.





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